Zangretor Vicelord of the house of Achazriel is the honorable Marquis of Lumbrea. He is a distinguished and proud leader of his people as well as a connoisseur of magic weapons. He was planning a secret invasion of Eilthyra, to return the dragonborn led city to tiefling control. In order to keep his efforts secret he created the raffles to destroy the eladrin living at Cendriane before they could inform the dragonborn at Elithyra. However, his efforts were thwarted by a curse afflicting Ragna Island.

The Jungle of RagnaEdit

Zangretor hired the party to help lift the curse on Ragna Island. He provided them with magic weapons from his private armory as an initial payment and to aid them on their quest.

While the adventurers were away in Twistthorn Jungle, Zangretor imprisoned Curry Blackclaw, their captain, with the hope of extracting information from her. He then summoned a succubus to impersonate Curry to prevent the party from becoming aware of her dissappearance.

When the party returned with his dagger, Zangretor ordered his fleet to prepare for a second attempt at the invasion. While they were getting ready to set sail, he also ordered the succubus to kill the party to keep them from stopping his plans.

As soon as the ships were ready, the party confronted Zangretor in his estate complex. However, at that very moment the raffles led the creatures of the jungle in a reconquest of Lumbrea, and Zangretor used the distraction to make his escape and fled to his ship.

After two days of sailing, the party onboard The Venturer assulted Zangretor abord his flagship, The Retribution. After a pitched battle on the high seas Zangretor was slain by the party and his body sank into the depths of the ocean. Upon seeing his fall, the remaining tieflings surrendered and returned to Lumbrea to attempt to restore the city to life.