The Hand of Vecna and the Eye of Vecna are powerful artifacts left behind by the god Vecna and the only remnants from his physical body before ascending to godhood.

The Hand and the EyeEdit

These artifacts were pivotal to the events of The Hand and the Eye. The demilich Acererak had obtained the Eye and desired to possess the Hand in order to raise an unstoppable army of undead soldiers.

During the campaign, the adventurers stumbled across the Hand and, guessing that it wanted to be reunited with the Eye, put it on a leash and used it as a compass to lead them toward the other artifact. Sensing that the heroes were working against the Hand's desires, the Hand deliberately lead them into a trap to try and murder them.

The Hand and the Eye were eventually both recovered and turned over to the possession of the mage's guild in Glidden to be destroyed, or if that failed to work, then be locked away for all time.