Sha-Karn is a genasi forge-master. The ship he was traveling on was captured by minotaurs while sailing through the Cape of Atmaut. They enslaved the crew and loaded a recently-captured clutch of Thri-Kreen onboard.

The ship was traveling north on the migration in order to sell the slaves but was caught up in a massive storm and blown many miles off course. A rogue wave then drove the ship far into the depths of twistthorn jungle where it crashed into the middle of a swamp. This afforded Sha-Karn and the Kreen the chance to escape and they fled into the jungle.

After traveling for many hours they came upon Cendriane, which had already been come under assault from the raffles. They made their way to a compound at the center of the city where they found a small band of surviving eladrin. Although the Kreen made their escape, Sha-Karn was forced to stay in the compound by their leader, Marneiros Loreweaver, and help them create magical items to fight off the invading hordes.

The Jungle of RagnaEdit

When the party came to Cendriane to investige the sources of the curse placed upon the island, they found Sha-Karn working in the forge. There they learned that he was being held captive agaist his will and that he thought that Marneiros had gone mad in his attempt to fight the raffles.

After the party destroyed the front gate of the compound, Sha-Karn made his escape. After traveling through the jungle, he eventually caught up with the party and agreed to help them repair their ship in exchange for passage off of the island. Seeing that K'Artanyik's clutch were striken with the early stages of a raffle infestation, Sha-Karn sent the party to secure the necessary supplies to heal them. When they returned, he was able to successfully remove the parasites without harming the Kreen.

In the final battle against Zangretor Vicelord, Sha-Karn helped Curry Blackclaw sail her ship to victory. Afterwards, he departed at Eilthyra to establish a forge of his own.