Vital statistics
Type City
Nicknames Safe-Harbor
Location Ragna Island
Population 10,000, Mostly tieflings
Government Lord Marquis
Defense All citizens must serve in the navy, which is about 2,000 strong.
Commerce Some trade with the fey inhabitants of the island.
Temples Sailor's Palace (Melora), Founder's House (Erathis), Seat of Power (Asmodeus, hidden), Citadel of Spiders (Lolth, hidden)

Lumbrea is a city on Ragna Island. It is home almost exclusively to a Tiefling population, and is led by the Marquis Zangretor Vicelord. Lumbrea is a port city, although ship traffic has been prevented due to a mysterious curse on Ragna Island which has prevented ships from entering or leaving.

Notable CitizensEdit

Zangretor Vicelord