Vital statistics
Type City
Nicknames The City of Midnight
Location Shadowfell
Population Approximately 12,600. Most are shadowborn humans, halflings, tieflings, and dwarves. Many shadar-kai and dark ones also live here.
Government Lord Prince Rolan the Deathless
Defense The Deathless Watch, The Prince’s Guard (60 soldiers), Ebony Guard, Crimson Sashes
Commerce Harskel Emporium; city market.

The Aposkos (Erathis); Fane of Night (Zehir); House of the Eye (Vecna, hidden); Raven's Eyrie (The Raven Queen).


Map of Gloomwrought

Across the entire Shadowfell, no city is larger than Gloomwrought. Prince Rolan, the Deathless, a somber human nobleman, is lord of the city. Power resides in the hands of decadent and disinterested merchant nobles, secret societies, and the mysterious beings known as the Keepers.

The Deathless Watch is the city's primary law enforcement agency. The Prince’s Guard is a force of 60 corrupt and ineffective soldiers, hand picked from the Deathless Watch who protect Rolan’s palace and garrison the city gates. Most merchants and guilds maintain their own mercenary guards. The folk of the city rely on the high walls and surrounding marsh for protection.

The Harskel Emporium and the city market in the Plaza of Gargoyles are the busiest locales. House Harskel is the largest of the city’s merchant companies, but the shadowy stalls and back alleys of the city market are the best places to find rare items not sold elsewhere.


Notable CitizensEdit