Astral Sea
Vital statistics
Type Fundamental Plane
Nicknames The Plane Above
Location The Planes
Gravity Subjective. Creatures gains the ability to fly at one-half its normal speed if not under the effect of gravity. It can hover, but it is a clumsy flier.
Mutability Normal
Immortal Races Deva, Shardminds

The Astral Sea is the plane above the Material Plane, and its parallel planes, the Shadowfell and the Feywild. The Astral Sea is home to the dominions of many Deities, and it it here that the gods fought the Primordials from the Elemental Chaos who wished to destroy the Material Plane.

Notable ResidentsEdit

Active DominionsEdit

A list of the active domains with the gods who live there.

Arvandor, The Verdant IslesEdit

The Blessed Isles of Elvenhome, where the fair folk dwell in grace and beauty forever.

Celestia, The Radiant ThroneEdit

A domain of seven holy mountains where the just and the good are eternally exalted.

Chernoggar, The Iron FortressEdit

Destruction and war battle endlessly for supremacy.

Hestavar, The Bright CityEdit

A shining city of golden domes and precious stones among the clouds.

The Nine Hells of BaatorEdit

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.


A forgotten domain where the exiled, the hunted, and the desperate slowly succumb to madness. 

Shom, The White DesertEdit

Where the monuments and ruins of a vanished race conceal ancient secrets.

Tytherion, The Endless NightEdit

A terrible realm of thirst, of darkness, of dragon-hunted deeps.

Shattered Dominions and Astral MotesEdit

Carceri, The Red PrisonEdit

A domain where the prisoners of the gods rot for eternity.


A marshy domain dominated by a petrified primordial.

Kalandurren, The Darkned PillarsEdit

A domain undone by hordes of demons, where few now venture. 

Pluton, The Gray WasteEdit

The former realm of the former god of death, Nerull. 


The floating corpse of the primordial Haemnathuun, the Blood Lord. 

Tu'narath, City of the GithyankiEdit

The home city of the Githyanki.